Exclusive Video – Jackie Mason: ‘You Gotta Be Nuts to Believe that Gun Control Saves Lives’

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In his latest exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie takes gun control advocates to task for actively endangering lives by refusing to allow people to carry guns for self-defense.

“Everybody who’s fighting for gun control, you know what they’re doing? They’re causing more and more people to get killed, that’s exactly what they’re doing,” Jackie says.

“If you know one person has a gun and the other has a hot dog, who are you more likely to try to shoot?” he adds. “If you miss the guy with the gun, you might get killed. If you miss the guy with the hot dog, what’ll happen? You’ll get mustard on yourself?”

Jackie says there’s a very simple explanation for why pro-gun control elected officials never go anywhere without a dozen armed bodyguards, while at the same time trying to deny American citizens’ rights to the same protection: they don’t care “if you live or die.”

Watch the comedy legend’s latest exclusive clip above.


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