Singer Taina Asili Releases Bilingual Anti-Trump Music Video ‘No Es Mi Presidente’ (Video)


In celebration of International Women’s Day, singer-songwriter Taina Asili has released the music video for her blistering anti-Donald Trump anthem “No Es Mi Presidente” (“Not My President.”)

In the video for the Spanish and English-language song, the Puerto Rican-born singer and self-styled social justice activist takes a sledgehammer to a television set flashing images of President Donald Trump’s historic 2016 campaign.

The video debuted in Rolling Stone Wednesday to coincide with the day’s nationwide anti-Trump protest, A Day Without a Woman, with RS contributor Liz Pelley noting that the song’s lyrics “emphasize the interconnected struggles of feminist organizing, the fight for immigrant rights, Black Lives Matter and the Standing Rock protests.”

“The video features a television with clips of different scenes that symbolize white supremacy, patriarchy, the desecration of sacred sites and harm to our earth,” Asili told the outlet. “In the video, I smash the television as symbolism for smashing these concepts, making way for something new – using all of the tools that we’ve gathered from our activist movements over the years.”

The singer — who also performed at the anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington the day following the presidential inauguration — told Rolling Stone that she wrote the song in both Spanish and English so as to connect with as many listeners as possible.

“As the Trump regime has taken hold, Latinos in this country are being targeted, particularly folks who are undocumented, but I would say Latinos in general across this country are targets,” Asili said. “I wanted to use this language as a voice to express our dissent, our resistance.”

Watch the music video for Asili’s “No Es Mi Presidente” above.


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