Exclusive Video – Jackie Mason: Trump Should Let Everyone Into the Country, Then Democrats Will Call for Travel Ban

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In this week’s exclusive installment for Breitbart News, Jackie has come up with a novel way for President Trump to be able to implement his desired executive order temporarily limiting immigration from six terror-prone countries.

All Trump has to do, Jackie explains, is announce that everyone will be allowed in, from any country and at any time — then he can watch as the Democrats and the rest of the opposition howl for a temporary travel ban.

“They don’t care if they come into this country, they want to get [Trump] out of the country,” Jackie says. “That’s what they’d like to see. Unfortunately, they can’t get it, so they’ll stop anything he wants to do. If he wants to buy a glass of milk, they’ll put a stop to it.”

Jackie says the president’s opponents would be “so happy to have a chance to disagree with him” that if he called for all terrorists to be allowed in they’d immediately call for limits.

“Positively not! Nobody can get in! Your own mother can’t get in!” the Democrats would say. “Your sister, your cousin; even if you got married last Thursday, you can’t get in!”

Watch Jackie’s latest clip above, and see the rest of his weekly videos here.


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