Bill Nye Uses Ice Cream Cartoon to Teach About ‘Flavors of Sexuality’ (Video)


In his new Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves The World, “Science Guy” Bill Nye presents a cartoon in which talking ice cream cones teach viewers about the many different “flavors of sexuality.”

“We are enlightened and forward-thinking, but not everyone sees it this way,” Nye says. “But there are lots of flavors to sexuality.”

In the cartoon, the vanilla ice cream cone is mocked as a representation of heterosexual, monogamous sex. The vanilla cone is presented as a Christian conversion therapist trying to convince the other ice cream cones that monogamous sex is natural, and will help them “get right with the big ice cream in the sky.”

However, the vanilla cone receives blowback from the other ice cream cones, who contend that they cannot change the way they were born.

Eventually, the vanilla ice cream is overcome by sexual desire and is seduced by other flavored ice creams to participate in an apparent ice cream orgy.

“That was cool wasn’t it,” Nye says after the cartoon finishes. “It’s a brilliant premise doggone.”

The ice cream orgy is not the first bizarre moment to emerge from Nye’s new show. Another segment included Nye teaming up with actress Rachel Bloom to debut an LGBT sex anthem entitled ‘My Sex Junk.’

In the song, Bloom sings lines such as: “This world of ours is so full of choice. But must I choose between only John or Joyce? Are my options only hard or moist? My vagina has its own voice.”

Reviewing the rest of Nye’s show, which is intended to inform viewers about science, Maddie Stone of Gizmodo describes it as “a small amount of information packaged to promote a cartoon caricature understanding of a complex science issue, slanted to the POV of an unabashedly political science comedian.” She adds that Nye spends the majority of the show just “yelling at his audience.”


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