Michael Moore: I Want Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for President in 2020


Documentary filmmaker and leftist activist Michael Moore hopes wrestling superstar-turned Hollywood A-lister Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson takes on Donald Trump as a Democratic candidate for president in 2020.

“Run the Rock! Run the Rock. Who do you want for commander in chief? I want the f—ing Rock! It would scare anybody that would hurt us,” Moore told Variety in an interview published Monday.

“Think about how safe we would be if the Rock was president,” Moore continued. “Not Vin Diesel! The Rock. Or Liam Neeson, but Liam Neeson can’t run because our Constitution says you have to be born here. So who’s the American Liam Neeson that we could run? Because nobody would f*ck with him.”

Moore said the Democratic Party’s refusal to back a bona fide and “beloved TV star” for president is a question he has been perplexed by for two decades.

“Why don’t the Democrats run Tom Hanks? Why doesn’t Oprah run? Why don’t we run someone that’s beloved by the American people?” the Oscar-winner asked.

“Democrats always shy away from Hollywood, and I always say to them, ‘Really?’ Because out where I live, people love Hollywood!” he added. “They love the movies. They love stars. The Republicans run Reagan, they run Schwarzenegger. Gopher from ‘The Love Boat’ was elected to Congress in Iowa. They run Sonny Bono. Why don’t the Democrats run somebody that people love?”

Moore discussed his presidential preferences after announcing earlier in the day his latest strategy to “bring down” President Trump.

The 63-year-old director is set to star in an original one-man Broadway show that he hopes will “raise enough of a ruckus to discombobulate a man sitting in the Oval Office.”

The Terms of My Surrender is a humorous take on a “country that’s just elected a madman,” Moore told the New York Times Monday.

“I operate with the hope that he won’t be president for very long. This is a limited 12-week run, I guess I would like Trump to have the same thing,” Moore said of the play, which will run at the Belasco Theater in New York City. “Should he not be President by the end of the run, if you have tickets for the last week, it’ll still be as good as the first week.”

In his interview with Variety, Moore predicted that Trump’s impeachment will happen after the Republicans “lose a lot of seats” in Congress.

“But it depends on whether we can remove three Republicans from the Senate next year,” he explained. “We have to keep all the Democratic seats, and gain three more. Then we have the majority of the Senate. That may take ’til 2020 to do that. I was sort of joking last week when I said Trump will be impeached halfway through his second term, but unless we get busy and start running people who can win elections, that’s how long it’s gonna be.”


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