Chance the Rapper: ‘I Have a Bigger Voice than Donald Trump’

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Hangout Music Festival

Chicago artist Chance the Rapper says he has more influence and a bigger platform than “all politicians,” including President Donald Trump.

“I just have a larger platform than all politicians. I have a bigger voice than Donald Trump, you know what I’m saying?” the rapper said in an interview on NPR’s What’s Good With Stretch and Bobbito podcast, released Wednesday.

An outspoken supporter of former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Chance has used his rap star status to effect political change in his native Chicago.

“And so, yes, I can connect with people on a level of appealing as a person who’s still a citizen, who still does, you know, what he wants,” he said.

“I have ideas for how to voice opinions, and make change that other people just don’t have,” the three-time Grammy-winner said.

The Coloring Book rapper endorsed Clinton a month before the election in an interview with Billboard. The former Democratic nominee, in turn, gave the 24-year-old rapper a shoutout on social media.

“She has a certain sincerity that’s hidden by the media,” Chance told GQ of Clinton, saying he could connect to her in a way that he can’t with Trump. “I’m not sure if it’s because she’s a woman or because Donald Trump just has a stronghold on the media at this time, but she’s unfairly treated. I can’t really speak on her policies but I feel a certain connection to Hillary Clinton that’s just not there with Donald Trump.”

Following Clinton’s shocking election night loss, Chance said his music is the real reason Americans need not fear a Trump presidency.

“I would say the main reason not to be afraid is that I’m making music for your kids now,” he told GQ. “I’m coming so clean-cut with the message of hope and understanding, and the Word, that it’s like: What could you be fearful of?”


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