Jackie Mason: Symbols of Whole Foods Must Come Down to End Persecution of Fat People (Exclusive)

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie wonders how far the left is going to take its monument-erasing craze, which has seen liberal activists across the country campaign hard for the removal of statues of Civil War Confederate figures, and also statues of practically any historical figure with a questionable past, including legendary explorer Christopher Columbus.

“Now they want to eliminate any symbol of Thomas Jefferson,” Jackie says. “Thomas Jefferson is the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence. Everybody in America is a free man because of Thomas Jefferson. One of the things you could do now because of Thomas Jefferson, is knock down any statue of Thomas Jefferson.”

“So you owe it to Thomas Jefferson. Shouldn’t he get a statue, because if not for Thomas Jefferson, you wouldn’t have the freedom in this country to eliminate Thomas Jefferson?”

But Jackie adds that Jefferson is just the tip of the iceberg, and that activists of all types could come after anything that bothers or offends them in even the slightest ways.

“What if short people were always persecuted by tall people? Should we have a right to eliminate any statue of a tall person in this country?” he asks. “I remember when I was a child, I hated taking dancing lessons. To this day, whenever I see someone dancing, I get nauseous. Should I therefore have a right to eliminate any picture of Fred Astaire? Or any symbol that reminds anyone of Fred Astaire? How about Gene Kelly?”

If we’re going that route, Jackie thinks Whole Foods stores should be banned in America.

“You know who the most persecuted people in America are? Fat people,” Jackie explains. “A fat person can’t even find a place to sit, because everybody’s afraid they’ll sit on the chair and it’ll explode. Should we eliminate fat people from living in this country?”

Watch Jackie’s latest above.


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