Rage Against the Machine Bassist: Anyone Who Voted for Trump Is Racist

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Anyone who voted for President Donald Trump is as racist as the man himself, according to Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford — but the musician says there is a way that Trump voters can absolve themselves and “make it right.”

In an impromptu interview with TMZ this week, Commerford said that the most urgent issue facing the world today isn’t a threat of war from North Korea, or environmental concerns, but rather racism. The bassist said that so-called “Dreamers,” or those benefitting from former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, are “Americans” and “have rights just like all of us do.”

When the TMZ cameraman asked Commerford about the prospect of some DACA beneficiaries being deported, he replied: “Because our president is a racist.”

“Whoever voted for him is a racist,” he added. “Anyone who voted for him is racist, he’s a racist. And as a racist who voted for a racist, you have an opportunity to make it right, and admit that you made the wrong decision.”

Commerford said Trump supporters could make things right if they would just say, “‘I f*cked up.'”

“That’s what they should say. They should admit they voted for a racist and that’s how they can make it right,” he said.

Commerford has been an outspoken critic of the president along with his new musical super-group, Prophets of Rage, which is comprised of several of his fellow Rage Against the Machine bandmates along with Public Enemy’s Chuck D and DJ Lord and Cypress Hill rapper B Real.

The group performed in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention in 2016, and have released music taking aim at the president and his policies.

The band’s self-titled debut album, including songs like “Unf*ck the World” and “Hail to the Chief,” is due out this month.


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