Nolte – Dirty Little Emmy Secret: Trump Supporters Much More Racially Diverse Than Lily-White Television

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According to the latest census figures, white people make up 61.3 percent of the American population. Rounding out those numbers, Hispanics (17.8 percent), blacks (13.3 percent), and Asians (5.7 percent), fill in most of the rest of our glorious melting pot. And yet…

The oh-so progressive left-wing television industry, the very same television industry that spent almost every minute of  Sunday’s disastrously low-watched Emmy Award Show smugly blasting away at Trump and his supporters as unrepentant racists, looks nothing like America. Not even close.

In fact, the broad coalition of Trump’s “racist” supporters is much more racially diverse than the television industry.

According to a just-released study, minority actors make up only 11.4 percent of the lead actors in television roles. Things are not much better for supporting non-white roles, where white actors “account for about three-quarters of the scripted roles on cable and broadcast.”

In other words, while minorities make up nearly 40 percent of the American population, oh-so progressive Hollywood reduces the minority presence on television to a mere 11 percent in lead roles and a mere 25 percent in all roles.

Let us now compare Hollywood’s horrible record of racial diversity on television to the racial diversity of those Hollywood relentlessly blasts as racists, meaning: those awful Trump Supporters.

Only 58 percent of Trump supporters are white. Of that remaining non-white 42 percent, eight percent are black, while 29 percent are Hispanic.

Compare that to the 89% of lead television roles and 75% of all television roles that are white.

Things are not much better for Hollywood minorities behind-the-scenes:

Minorities saw dips in film writing credits (2.7 percentage points) and film directing credits (2.8 percentage points) compared with last year’s report. In the meantime, the number of people of color in leading roles remained stagnant — despite the release of pictures such as “Straight Outta Compton” and “Furious 7” in the study year.

Oh, and while a full 42% of Trump supporters are women, in oh-so progressive Hollywood:

Women were underrepresented behind the scenes as well, making up 4.2% of directors, 13.2% of writers, 20.7% of producers, and just 1.7% of composers. There were only 34 unique female directors that released films between 2007 and 2016 (excluding 2011).

If you honestly want to see a group of people that looks like America, spend some time with Trump supporters, and stay out of Stephen Colbert’s lily-white country club.

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