Nancy Sinatra: ‘Murderous’ NRA Members Should Face ‘Firing Squad’

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Singer-actress Nancy Sinatra blasted members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) on Twitter this week, writing that the “murderous” group members should face a “firing squad” for their support of firearm rights.

The “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” singer has called for tougher gun control measures in the wake of the mass shooting at a Las Vegas country music concert this week that claimed the lives of 59 people and left more than 500 others injured.

“The murderous members of the NRA should face a firing squad,” Sinatra wrote on Twitter in response to a Daily Kos article posted by another Twitter user.

Sinatra has also called for gun control in the wake of the horrific mass murder in Las Vegas, and wrote on her account that President Donald Trump was “complicit” in the incident.

Sinatra, the eldest daughter of late entertainment icon Frank Sinatra, joins numerous other celebrities who have ramped up calls for increased gun control measures this week.

On Wednesday, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore proposed a “28th Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution that would essentially nullify the 2nd Amendment, which grants the right to own a firearm to every American.

“We CAN join the community of enlightened nations where gun violence is that rare occurrence — as opposed to the daily tragedy we now suffer here in the United States of America,” Moore wrote in a post on Facebook. “This can come to an end with the repeal of the 2nd Amendment and replacing it with the 28th Amendment.”

Other celebrities who have stepped up calls for gun control in the wake of the tragedy include Jimmy Kimmel, Ashton Kutcher, Elizabeth Banks, Jeffrey Wright, Alyssa Milano, and Tom Arnold.


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