Nolte: Why Did NBC Spike Hollywood’s Biggest Scandal Ever? Weinstein Is a Democrat.


Errol Flynn tried and acquitted for statutory rape? Lana Turner’s Mafioso boyfriend killed by her daughter? Joan Crawford’s wire hangers? Ingrid Bergman’s affair with Roberto Rossellini?

Not even close.

Eddie Fisher dumping America’s sweetheart Debbie Reynolds for sexpot Elizabeth Taylor? Elizabeth Taylor dumping Eddie Fisher for Richard Burton while nearly putting 20th Century-Fox out of business with Cleopatra overruns?


Mel Gibson’s rants? Rob Lowe’s sex tape? Marilyn Monroe’s affairs with John and Bobby Kennedy? Woody Allen? Fatty Arbuckle? Thomas Ince? Natalie Wood? The Black Dahlia?

Stop boring me.

Never in the sordid, 100-year history of Hollywood has there ever been a scandal that even approached the size, scope, and consequence of the still-mushrooming Harvey Weinstein sex-a-palooza.

Think about it…

When you are talking about executives, Harvey Weinstein is by far the biggest name in entertainment today, a household name, a brand all his own; the man who launched Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Steven Soderbergh, Judi Dench, and countless others. Around a half-dozen Weinstein films have won the Oscar for Best Picture.

On top of that, throughout the 1990s, Weinstein revolutionized the way movies are distributed, the way Oscar campaigns are run, and was the godfather of that wonderful ten-year indie era that began in 1989 with Soderbergh’s Sex, Lies, and Videotape.

Weinstein is also one of the biggest movers and shakers in Democrat politics. Out of his own pocket, he has donated over a million dollars. Through bundling and fundraising, he has raised tens of millions more. Weinstein is the friend of two American presidents, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, is as famous and successful as Walt Disney, and as politically connected as an American civilian can get.

Harvey Weinstein is a Kingfish in this pond we call America and…

NBC News let him off the hook, threw him back, said “no thanks” to the biggest story of 2017, and the biggest scandal in the history of Hollywood.

Yes, the same NBC that is perfectly happy to run around using sketchy, unnamed sources to attack President Trump with a steaming pile of fake news, the same NBC News that protected Barack Obama’s re-election by going hog wild over the War on Women with Todd Akin, the same NBC News that packages rumor, innuendo, and outright falsehoods as NEWS — that very same NBC News had audiotape of Harvey Weinstein admitting to sexual misconduct … and refused to run with it.

NBC News had on-the-record sources claiming Weinstein sexually harassed and even raped them … and refused to run with it.

NBC had it all, a massive, Massive, MASSIVE story, one of the biggest ever, all tied up in a bow … and they refused to run with it.

This is not me saying this. Read the leftwing Huffington Post.

Read the leftwing New York Times.

Read the leftwing Salon.

NBC’s own staffer, Ronan Farrow, had the story, nailed it with the audiotape and on-the-record sources, and NBC still sent him packing, told him to take the story elsewhere. So the bombshell ended up at The New Yorker.

NBC News not only gave away the story of the year, they lost the Pulitzers Farrow and The New Yorker are almost certainly going to win.

The question is why — why would an unbiased, objective, not-at-all leftwing news outlet refuse do run a towering story against an America colossus?

We all know why.

We all know NBC is not about holding the powerful accountable — you do not get any more powerful than Harvey Weinstein.

NBC is not about the bottom line and clicks — the Weinstein scandal is a barnburner.

NBC is not about protecting the weak from the powerful, or sheltering women from predators…


NBC is only about one thing… protecting the power of centralized government by protecting Democrats.

NBC News is nothing more than a leftwing propaganda outlet, and if covering up for an alleged sexual predator results in a few more victims, NBC News sees those broken women only as sacrifices to The Cause.

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