Walmart Yodeling Kid Rocks Out with Celebrities at Coachella

GTY Natt Lim
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Most visitors to the Coachella Festival can boast of seeing the most popular music artists in America, during the music festival’s opening weekend. Visitors to the opening weekend of Coachella 2018 can make that same claim, however, they can also say that they got to see the Walmart yodeling kid.

Mason Ramsey, the 11-year-old YouTube sensation who has attracted clicks and views by the millions for his yodeling in the aisles of a Harrisburg, Illinois, Walmart, took the stage alongside DJ Whethan on Friday.

Whethan introduced Ramsey as the person who needed “no introduction,” a fact proved true by the explosion of applause and cheers as fans welcomed the yodeling kid to the stage:

Fans weren’t the only ones caught up in the excitement of Ramsey’s performance, Justin Bieber got into the act as well:

Ramsey’s appearance at Coachella came about due to a tweet from DJ Whethan, as he told his followers to, “Stop saying I look like the walmart yodel kid:”

From that tweet, began the process which ended with Whethan inviting Ramsey to appear with him at the festival.

Ramsey announced that he was playing Coachella on Instagram:

Nor is Coachella the last stop for Ramsey on his whirlwind tour, the kid made famous by yodeling and YouTube will perform at Nashville’s legendary Grand Ole Opry on Saturday.

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