Ron Perlman: Trump a ‘Cardboard Cutout Piece of Sh*tf*ck’

Ron Perlman in Hand of God (Amazon Studios, 2014)
Amazon Studios

Actor Ron Perlman has again unleashed his hatred towards President Donald Trump, describing him as a “cardboard cutout piece of shitfuck.”

In an interview with The Daily Beast, the former Sons of Anarchy star was asked whether he would ever consider playing the role of Trump in a film.

“Fuck no,” Perlman responded. “Not interested in one-dimensional people who have no redeeming value and nothing that is psychologically compelling.”

“I’ve played serial killers and real bad guys, and there is always some sort of a psychological gap there,” he continued. “Trump doesn’t possess any of them. He’s just a cardboard cutout piece of shitfuck. There’s nothing there to explore. He’s one-dimensional, and he’s not clever. He’d be very boring to play.”

When asked about the Trump presidency, Perlman went on to make several false claims such as that there is now a “cap on the free press,” and that Trump is actively “supporting Nazis.”

“He’s normalized things that are unconscionable,” he said. “A cap on the free press, his lying. He lies every time he speaks, and he’s desensitized us to what a lie and the truth is. There is nothing to teach our children to aspire to, the ideals that are truly American. He’s got it all muddled.”

“He’s supporting Nazis, he supports all of the things that autocrats support, destroying the credibility of the free press,” he continued. “He’s managing to speak to the lowest form of discourse. And he’s parlayed this into this hold he has on the GOP, and shown there is no patriotism in the GOP.”

“He’s represented a time in our history that has degraded one of the great civilizations in history,” he added.

It is not the first time that the 68-year-old, whose other major credits include roles in Hellboy and the television adaption of Beauty and the Beast, has expressed his disdain for the Trump presidency, with much of his Twitter feed dedicated to anti-Trump and anti-Republican rhetoric.

Last November, Perlman called Trump a “racist cunt” over comments he made back in 1993 where he argued Indian Gaming Regulatory Act gave Native American tribes priority to land where he planned to build casinos.

The actor has also tied himself to a number of left-wing causes such as advocating for gun control legislation in the wake of recent school shootings.

Following Trump’s victory in November 2016, Perlman declared his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election, although most believe the claim was merely a joke.

“I am hereby using my immense Facebook presence to announce my candidacy for President of United States, 2020,” he wrote after Trump was declared the winner.

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