DJ Moby: Let’s Take Back the House and Senate and ‘Send Trump to Prison’

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Renowned electronic music DJ and producer Moby took to Twitter this week to issue a call to arms, urging Left-wing activists to get geared up to “take back” control of the federal government and send President Donald Trump to prison.

“November 6, 2018, when we take back the House and Senate and Statehouses and State and Local legislatures,” wrote in a message to his more than 1.35 million Twitter followers.

“We have six months to do EVERYTHING: register, canvas, donate, post, help. If we play our cards right we can get rid of the Republicans and send Trump to prison. #iwillvote,” Moby wrote.

The 52-year-old DJ made headlines earlier this year when he claimed that current and former CIA agents confessed to him that they were “truly concerned” about President Trump’s purported role in colluding with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

Last February, Moby claimed he was in possession of “100 percent real” intelligence that proves that “the Trump administration is in collusion with the Russian government.”

“The Trump administration is in collusion with the Russian government, and has been since day one,” the musician wrote in an Instagram post.

Indeed, Moby has continued his anti-Trump attacks. He responded to President Trump decision to withdraw the United States from the Iran nuclear deal by declaring that the president “biggest goals is to start a war, simply because he saw what 9-11 and the wars with Afghanistan and Iraq did for GW Bush’s poll numbers.”

Trump desperately wants to be a wartime president, which is why he’s pulling the U.S out of the nuclear deal,” Moby wrote.

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