DJ Moby Wants to Flee to Canada If Trump Wins Re-election

Electronic music DJ and left-wing activist Moby said during a recent get-out-the-vote concert that he is researching ways to emigrate to Canada in case Democrats fail to retake the House of Representatives and President Donald Trump wins re-election in 2020. 


Moby Music Video Blows Up Cartoon Nazi Trump

The music video for electronic music-maker Moby’s latest song depicts President Donald Trump as a Nazi robot who is eventually blown up by a band of rebellious citizens.


Moby Pens Open Letter to America: ‘What the F*ck is Wrong With You?’

Dance music icon Moby penned an open letter to Americans on Wednesday in the wake of Donald Trump’s historic presidential election, comparing voters’ selection of the Republican to those who smoke cigarettes and eat junk food while knowing it is not healthy for them.


Musician Moby Offers ‘Solutions’ to Help Solve CA Drought

Electronic musician Moby sat down with Rolling Stone this week to discuss California’s four-year-long drought and the steps the state could take to mitigate its effects and finally end it. The musician and activist said California’s water problem could be