Kathy Griffin: ‘We Have an Administration that Is Quite Pro-Nazi’

Kathy Griffin
(YouTube/Comedy Central)

Disgraced comedienne Kathy Griffin doubled down on her criticism of the Trump administration in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, describing it as “quite pro-Nazi.”

Asked whether she thinks Roseanne Barr, who had her hit ABC sitcom Roseanne canceled after making racially charged comments about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, will ever make it back on to TV, Griffin said that she did not deserve redemption because she is a “fucking Nazi.”

“No, fuck her! She’s a fucking Nazi,” Griffin said of Barr. “No, dude. No Nazis! I know that sounds crazy, but America has a new policy: no Nazis. But we have an administration that is quite pro-Nazi. They led the march. They think there are good ones and bad ones. There’s no good ones!”

“Roseanne wasn’t even a typical Trump voter, so the idea that they were trying to have her portray the rest of America was always bullshit,” Griffin continued. “I’m sorry, but they knew what they were getting into. You know she tweeted that David Hogg, the Parkland survivor, is a Nazi?”

Griffin, who was herself dropped by CNN after she was photographed holding a bloody head resembling President Donald Trump, added that she had “no sympathy” for Roseanne because she had a television network behind her.

“I have no sympathy for her and I have no empathy for her because she had every opportunity that I didn’t,” she added. “And I would have killed to have a real network behind me. I would have killed to have some of the best writers in television. And I would not have fucked that up by being a Nazi!”

Since the outrage over her gruesome photo, Griffin has spent much of her time railing against Trump and his administration. Although she initially apologized to Trump for the distress she caused, she later rode back on that apology by claiming that Trump had tried to destroy her career.

Griffin also echoed TBS late-night host Samantha Bee, reiterating to THR that “feckless cunt” is a “fucking true” description of Ivanka Trump.

In April, the 57-year-old actress described the Trump family as “psychos,” and last week called First Lady Melania Trump a “feckless complicit piece of shit.”

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