‘Captain Marvel’ Star Robert Kazinsky Apologizes for Sending Penis Pictures to Model Aimi Veness

Robert Kazinsky in Second Chance (Fox Broadcasting Co., 2016)
Fox Broadcasting Co.

Actor Robert Kazinsky has apologized for sending an unsolicited photo of his genitals to an actress in 2007. The apology comes just ahead of his break out role in the upcoming Marvel superhero film, Captain Marvel.

The actor, whose first big role in the U.K. was on the long-running TV soap Eastenders, posted his apology to Twitter on June 24 saying he is “grateful” for the learning experience forced upon him by the #MeToo movement.

The tweet came on the heels of a piece posted by ScreenGeek revealing that in 2007 actress Aimi Veness (who went by the name Aimi Robinson at the time) had been the victim of unwanted sexting at the hands of a then 22-year-old Kazinsky. The story was published back then but that was long before the #MeToo movement broke across the entertainment and media industries.

The victim also said that Kazinsky had harassed several other women in the same way. Kazinsky still has not addressed that accusation.

After the ScreenGeek story, Kazinsky initially tried to wave off the accusations as old news, and even posted a message to Twitter seeming to deny it all. But after the British entertainment press began revving up on the news, the Pacific Rim actor jumped to Twitter to offer what the Mirror called a “groveling apology.”

“Eleven years ago it was publicized that I sent a photo of a sexual nature to a woman I met online. I was, and still am ashamed,” Kazinsky said in his statement.

“The personal fallout of my actions was one of the hardest times in my life,” he continued, “and something I’m grateful to have experienced because that humbling made me the man I am today: one who supports women, supports #MeToo, and supports equality for all.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to offer a sincere, personal apology to the woman I once knew: I am so sorry. 34-year-old me joins you in disgust at 22-year-old me, and a personal apology should have been made in 2007, not more than a decade later,” he added.

“I will continue to learn from my own failings and experiences as I have for the past eleven years and continue to work on myself,” Kazinsky said in conclusion. “I will continue to advocate for women and help seek justice for all people harassed and marginalized. I would also like to say thank you for being brave enough to come forward; there is no time limit on your truths. I hope all women can eventually feel empowered to do the same.”

Veness also noted that the other woman she says the actor harassed are afraid of coming forward publicly for fear of hurting their entertainment careers.

The incident is further complicated by Kazinsky’s very public support for current girlfriend Chloe Dykstra, an actress and model who wrote a recent blog post accusing an unnamed former boyfriend of abuse. Though Dykstra has never explicitly named that former boyfriend, many have claimed that talk show host Chris Hardwick is the abuser in question. Hardwick has since lost several jobs as host of various shows and panels over the allegations that he abused Dykstra.

It is probably unsurprising that Kazinsky offered his “groveling apology” to the #MeToo movement as his Twitter feed is filled with virtue signaling and anti-Trump diatribes showing that he has dived head first into PCism in an attempt to curry Hollywood’s favor.

Zazinsky’s latest tweets clearly reflect his left-wing politics:

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