Hollywood Implodes over Justice Kennedy Retirement: ‘This Is How You Lose a Country’

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Hollywood celebrities jumped on social media Wednesday and fired off a series of emotional reactions, calls to “fight,” and cataclysmic predictions in response to the news that Justice Anthony Kennedy had announced his retirement from the Supreme Court.

“ok, dems. this is real. all y’all paying attention? this is how you lose a country,” actor Don Cheadle said on Twitter. “all of our rights are in the balance. urge your leadership to resist when trump attempts to appoint the next swamp thing out of the pez dispenser or kiss it bye bye.”

Other stars, like Will & Grace actress Debra Messing, Westworld star Jeffrey Wright, and actor John Leguizamo urged their followers to “fight” and push back against what director Rob Reiner called “tyranny.”

President Trump on Wednesday graciously celebrated the news and announced his intentions to nominate a Constitutional originalist to replace Justice Kennedy before the midterm elections.

“We have a very excellent list of great, talented, highly educated, highly intelligent, hopefully, tremendous people. I think the list is very outstanding,” Trump said, referencing a list of 25 potential candidates to replace the longtime Justice.
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GET READY! FIGHT IS ON! Everyone who is not a privileged white man who has been treated like an Other— POC, LGBTQ, Women, the Differently Abled, Muslim, Jew, Poor, etc. NOW we must work together and ACTIVATE. We MUST vote, we MUST make calls, knock on doors help candidates who are looking to flip seats. We MUST call our members of Congress and tell them that every Democrat must refuse to hold a hearing for Trumps SCOTUS nominee ( as GOP McConnell did) until AFTER the Russian probe is concluded. We MUST appeal to exiting GOP Senator McCain and Senator Flake and ask them to be heroes. Ask them to switch parties so we can hold off the vote. Ask GOP Members of Congress who have expressed upset over Trumps policies to vow not to vote on a nominee until the Russian probe is over. No more civility. We must fight fire with fire. McConnell changed the rules. He gave us our playbook. We now need the moral courage to follow it. This is THAT important. If Trump gets one of his nominees in we are looking at Roe v Wade being overturned. Gay marriage overturned. It would be terrible for Union members, and everyone who needs affordable health care. Civil Rights as we know them will be chipped away. PLEASE commit to fighting this.

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