Actor Michael Shannon: Trump’s Only Thoughts Are ‘I Want Some Pu**y And A Cheeseburger’


Actor Michael Shannon unloaded on President Donald Trump in a recent interview, saying the president is a “suffering bad guy.”

In an upcoming interview with Playboy magazine, the Boardwalk Empire star launched into another of his foul language-filled tirades against President Trump insisting that he would never portray Trump even though he is known for portraying “bad guys,” Huffington Post reported.

Shannon, who played the evil General Zod in the Superman film, Man of Steel, said that Trump is no “suffering bad guy.”

“He’s having a blast!” Shannon told the men’s magazine. “Are you fucking kidding me? That guy is having so much fun.”

Shannon went on to demean the job of the President of the United States as one where hard work is not necessary:

He doesn’t even have to work. All the hard work that most people have to do to get to be president of the United States, he just skipped all that. The fucking guy doesn’t even know what’s in the Constitution. He doesn’t have any grasp of history or politics or law or anything. He’s just blindfolded, throwing darts at the side of a bus.

Shannon also said that Trump has no ability to think deeply about the issues:

It doesn’t happen. Fuck that guy. When he’s alone with his thoughts, he’s not capable of anything more complex than ‘I want some pussy and a cheeseburger. Maybe my wife will blow me if I tell her she’s pretty.’

Indeed, Shannon hoped that once Trump and his administration pass into history that Hollywood will just forget the era and never portray the time on film.

Shortly after the election, Shannon attacked Trump voters as less than human saying, “Somebody who thinks Trump is doing a good job, there’s no conversation to have with that person.”

“I know they say you should reach across the aisle and all that crap, but to me, it feels like putting your hand in a fan,” Shannon added before saying that if you are a senior citizen voting for Trump he hopes you die. “But if you’re voting for Trump, it’s time for the urn,” he said.

Shannon also said that he hopes children whose parents are Trump voters will become orphans.

“Fuck ’em,” he spat. “You’re an orphan now. Don’t go home. Don’t go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Don’t talk to them at all. Silence speaks volumes.”

Several Hollywood actors and others quickly jumped to support Shannon’s expletive-filled, hate-fest. Firefly actor Alan Tudyk, for instance, tweeted his appreciation for Shannon’s obscene rant and Rolling Stone writer Brian Tallerico thought that Shannon was a “national treasure.”

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