Cher: Facebook and Google ‘Conspiring with Russia to Destroy’ America

Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

Pop icon Cher has pledged to boycott Google and Facebook over the platforms supposedly providing help to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, despite substantial evidence that both companies actually discriminate against conservative voices.

In her typical all caps, emoji-filled tweet, the 72-year-old singer announced she would stop using Google services and delete her Facebook account, arguing that both companies are only interested in money and “might as well be conspiring with Russia to destroy our democracy.”

Earlier on Monday, Cher also claimed that Trump believes people of color are “less than perhaps 3/5ths of a person,” and that the “who gives a flying [f*ck] attitude” of companies including Twitter, Facebook, and Google helped his rise to power.

There is little evidence to substantiate Cher’s claims that Trump’s effective use of social media content was ignored by Google and Facebook. Over the past year, Breitbart News has extensively documented the anti-conservative bias affecting the companies policy-making, with a leaked video from after the 2016 presidential showing Google employees dismayed reaction at Donald Trump’s victory.

Cher, meanwhile, is known for her bizarre anti-Trump rants, having previously described him as a “cancer ravaging our nation.” Just this week, she also labeled him a “liar, thug, crook, traitor,” who is “ruining” America.

On Monday, left-wing comedienne Amy Schumer also announced that she would boycott Facebook and Instagram for a week over a reported data breach that disproportionately affected minorities.
“In Solidarity to the @naacp I won’t be on Instagram tomorrow and won’t be on Facebook for a week,” she wrote on Twitter. “Please join me.”

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