Nolte: Science-Deniers at ‘Oprah Magazine’ Claim Baltimore’s Not Full of Rats

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Oprah Magazine would like you to know Baltimore is “anything but full of rats.”

“President Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack the city of Baltimore, calling it a ‘disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess,'” the latest edition of Oprah Magazine screeches. “His ill-informed comments were met with much criticism—particularly from the city’s residents, who defended the many things Charm City has to offer.”

And then to make the case that the Bad Orange Man’s comments about Baltimore are ill-informed, the publication goes on to list 16 whole things that prove Baltimore is super-awesome, a Utopia with no rat problem….

Yep, there are those crab cakes Oprah likes so much the photo retouching budget at Oprah Magazine probably resembles the GDP of some South American countries. Then there are all those five-star restaurants everyone in Baltimore is able to enjoy — except for, you know, everyone. There’s also John Hopkins and the Edgar Allen Poe Museum and shops and boutiques and the National Aquarium and a drink called the Arnold Palmer and an actual park and something called Berger Cookies, which the magazine’s editor-in-chief Gayle King simply adores likes … and they only cost $2.37 per ounce!

Man alive.

This is exactly what socialism looks like, y’all — the Beautiful People like Oprah are up there in the ether wrapped in a velvet bubble, and wondering why we don’t all eat cake.

Meanwhile, you and I, the hoi polloi who are not billionaires, are down here in the real world dealing with the real world problems Ms. Winfrey shelters herself from.

You know what? I bet Baltimore does look pretty sweet when you’re washing down a $12 box of cookies and $16 crab cakes with Arnold Palmers at a five-star restaurant… I mean, who has time to see all the rats?

You would think that if Oprah gave even half a damn about Baltimore, and most especially the people who live there, she would want to do something other than own the Orange Bad Man by smearing this pig with lipstick.

From your stretch limo and a presidential suite, what city isn’t a pleasure?

But all that lipstick cannot change the fact that Baltimore is infested, infested with rats and crime and drugs and shootings and murder, and no amount of Oprah Winfrey’s elite science-denialism will ever change that. But by glossing over a city where Americans live in fear and despair, Oprah’s actively hurting the people of Baltimore, the people who need her help the most.

Remember when “raising awareness” was a thing?

Ask yourself this…

Who cares more about the people of Baltimore…?

Those who insist everything’s swell, that there is no rat or crime or despair problem — or a president who has the moral courage to touch the third rail when it comes to condemning a half-century of failed Democrat rule, who cares enough about the people of Baltimore to taking the flaming arrows in the back that come with pointing to their problems and speaking of them out loud?

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