Judd Apatow: ‘Truly Shameful’ Pelosi ‘Not Seeking to Impeach’ Trump

In this Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017, file photo, Judd Apatow presents the decade award at the Teen Choice Awards at the Galen Center in Los Angeles. Apatow is among the stars weighing in on the firing of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein from the company he co-founded. The move came after …
Phil McCarten/Invision/AP, File

Hollywood director and comedian Judd Apatow launched a scathing attack on Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, declaring it “truly shameful” that she has not “aggressively seeking to impeach the President” for “racism” and “treason.”

Apatow made the remarks in response to a tweet from Pelosi accusing the Trump of administration of “blatantly bigoted and downright dangerous policies” over their appeal to the Supreme Court that federal employment law banning discrimination based on sex does not include discrimination based on transgender status.

In his response, The 40-Year-Old Virgin director argued that President Trump could be impeached on everything from “racism” to “treason.”

“Not aggressively seeking to impeach the President at this point is truly shameful,” Apatow said. “Racism, corruption, crime, hate, idiocy, madness, treason. Take your pick.”

Despite controlling the House of Representatives, Pelosi has repeatedly refused to issue impeachment proceedings against the President, instead repeatedly flip-flopping and dodging questions on her commitment to doing so. In May, she described the issue as “very divisive” but said it “cannot be denied” that he obstructed justice during the Mueller investigation.

Apatow, who has previously expressed his belief that Trump is a “Nazi,” is just one among many Hollywood figures and left-wing activists demanding his impeachment. Last month, he accused the entire Democratic Party of a “dereliction of duty” over their failure to do so.

“I am so disappointed in [The] Democrats,” Judd Apatow said at the time. “It is a dereliction of duty to not use all means possible to fight this corruption and abuse of power. What do we stand for at this point? Impeach.”

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