Mark Ruffalo: We Owe It to Our Children to Support Sanders’ $16 Trillion Green New Deal


Actor Mark Ruffalo says we owe it to our children to support the $16 trillion Green New Deal proposal Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) rolled out this week.

The Avengers star — an outspoken champion of left-wing causes — expressed support for the socialist senator’s multi-trillion dollar proposal and told his 6 million Twitter followers Thursday that we owe it to our children to support plans as “bold” as Sanders’, despite the financial toll it will take on future generations.

“When I look in the faces of my children and the thousands of children I have come into contact with the Avengers, I can’t help but feel that bold plans like this are what they are owed in the face of what is coming,” Mark Ruffalo said.

“We need a plan and we need action. We are running out of time,” he warned. “This kind of plan creates jobs and a world that makes those jobs meaningful.”

Sanders’ plan calls for a $16.3 trillion public investment, covering everything from the full decarbonization of the transportation sector to “tribal land access and extension programs” to the expansion of existing entitlement programs. It promises to beef up the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) by $25 billion and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by $311 billion.

The 77-year-old White House hopeful’s plan also promises to “prosecute and sue the fossil fuel industry for the damage it has caused” — a sentiment he repeated in a tweet Thursday.

Ruffalo’s support of Sanders’ Green New Deal proposal does not come as a surprise, as he has often expressed his left-wing views, particularly on climate change, to his millions of fans on social media.


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