Nolte: The Root Calls Breitbart News the ‘Worst White People’ over Dave Chappelle Rave

Comedian Dave Chappelle, center, shares a light moment with philanthropist Pamela Joyner,
AP Photo/Steven Senne

The Root, which is part of a multi-billion dollar media company, declared Breitbart News the “worst white people” over our rave review of the Dave Chappelle Netflix special, Sticks & Stones.

The Root, which describes itself as a “Afrocentric progressive online magazine,” is backed by the mammoth Graham Holding Company that once owned the far-left Washington Post. And now this mammoth, multi-billion media company is abusing its power to launch a divisive and incendiary attack on Breitbart News because of my admiration for Dave Chappelle.

“All the Worst White People Love Dave Chappelle’s Sticks and Stones,” the Root’s headline reads, and Breitbart is not only listed among the “worst white people,” a screenshot of my rave, “Dave Chappelle Just Might Save America,” leads the piece.

And here’s why Breitbart is among the worst white people….

After the columnist crybabies over Chappelle daring to satirize the most powerful people in entertainment, politics, and the news media — the Alphabet People, aka LGBT — and admitting he didn’t really watch the special…

I got up and did things around the house while it was still on. Not because of some deep offense, but because I was just bored with it. Defending the words and rights of powerful people is perhaps the most mundane and least transgressive thing an artist can do, and last night was trash pickup night, so I multitasked so I could get to bed at a decent hour.

…we arrive at this:

That said, there are also many who consider this to be one of his best performances. And among that group are trolls, professional bigots, white supremacists, Nazi sympathizers and more of the very worst white people; an adoration due to the parallels between their sensibilities and his.

Also included on the list of Nazi sympathizers are author Bret Easton Ellis and the Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway.

Welcome to the media world, where multi-billion dollar corporations attack you as a Nazi and professional bigot, as the “worst white people,” after you dare applaud a black Obama supporter who also ridicules white people.

We can’t win, right…?

But that’s the whole idea.

That’s how the left keep us divided.

Unless the past is forgiven, unless common ground is found, unless we agree to look forward instead of back, a relationship can never heal, and the left simply do not want racial healing… So they keep picking at the scab, keep throwing the past in our face (even though practically no one alive today had anything to do with pre-Civil Rights America), and any common ground we might find — like, say, affection for Chappelle’s genius, is hurled in our face as proof of our own racism.

We revere Clarence Thomas, so he’s smeared as a race traitor and “Uncle Tom,” which once again proves how racist his fans are.

Meanwhile, in the real world, we live with each other, marry each other (I’ve been in an interracial marriage for 30 years), and work together… But these wicked and bitter people, these cynical and dishonest mega media corporations, keep picking at the scab, keep stoking hate and division in pursuit of political and social power.

And God help a black man like Dave Chappelle for daring to be his own man, for daring to hold his own ideas and thoughts, for straying from a Thought Plantation that demands intellectual and political conformity based on your skin color. But this sorry truth of the modern media age only increases my admiration for Dave Chappelle all the more, which probably makes me an even worster white person.


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