Donald Sutherland Slams ‘Bulls**t’ United Nations over Climate Change Inaction

Canadian actor and member of the Jury Donald Sutherland arrives on stage on May 22, 2016 during the closing ceremony of the 69th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France. / AFP / Valery HACHE (Photo credit should read VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

Donald Sutherland, who admitted to having homes in Canada, France, and Miami Beach, slammed the United Nations for what the actor sees as the organization’s inaction when it comes to the issue of climate change.

But the 84-year-old star also revealed his own sizable carbon footprint by saying that he divides his personal time between Canada, France, and Miami Beach.

Variety reported Thursday that Sutherland made the remarks at a press conference at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain, where the actor was expected to receive a lifetime achievement award.

“The attitude at the U.N. is bullshit,” said the star of the Hunger Games movies and the recently released Ad Astra. “I have children, I have grandchildren, and the world that I have left them, and am going to leave them, is not one they’ll be able to live in.”

Sutherland was echoing frustration expressed by climate activists, including 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, at the recent U.N. Climate Action Summit in New York. He is the latest celebrity to add his voice to a growing slate of Hollywood climate activists that includes Harrison Ford, Mark Ruffalo and Mia Farrow.

Sutherland reportedly said that in China, “individuals now have to pollinate flowers because there are no more bees. When you’re driving your car, there are no more bugs on your windscreen. We’ve lost 2.5 billion birds. That’s what we should be talking about!”

The actor told reporters that he took a part in the Hunger Games movies in the hopes of politicizing American youth.

“I thought it could energize the youth of the United States and politicize them – revolutionize them, maybe,” he said. “It didn’t… But it had a shot.”

The Ordinary People star noted that keeps homes in multiple countries.

“I [divide my time between] Canada, France, and Miami Beach… which is a separate state. It should be an island onto itself, [and] maybe have a relationship with the United States, or maybe not.”

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