Watch: Franklin Graham ‘Proud’ Kanye West Is Letting God Use Him to Spread the Gospel of Jesus

Appearing Monday on Fox & Friends, Christian evangelist Franklin Graham said he was “proud” of hip-hop superstar and fashion designer Kanye West for embracing Christianity, with the rapper’s latest Sunday Service concert taking place in Joel Osteen’s megachurch to an audience of millions.

A partial transcript is as follows: 

STEVE DOOCY: What do you make of what’s going on not only in Houston, but with Kanye West’s movement?

REV. FRANKLIN GRAHAM: First of all, I always like to when God works on a person’s life and changes them and Kanye’s is a life that’s been changed by the power of all-mighty God through his faith in Jesus Christ. I’m just thrilled about what’s happened in his life. This is what Christmas is all about. Christmas is about God’s love sending his son, Jesus Christ, to this earth to change our lives and to save us from our sins.

Here at Christmas, Kanye is out in churches. How would have thought he would have been in a church? And who would have thought a year ago that God would be using him to touch another generation of young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ? I’m proud of him, I pray for him, and I hope he’ll be very successful. And as he’s going around to churches doing this, I say more power to him.

AINSLEY EARHARDT: I love his story because I’ve had a conversion experience where I had this void in my heart and could never fill it and then I came to know the lord and got saved. Kanye is being used in a mighty way. So many individuals are coming to know the lord. People are Googling Christ, they’re learning more about him. We’re all flawed, we all have our sins, and need Jesus.



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