Bette Midler Erupts on ‘Polite’ Democrats Who ‘Haven’t Learned a God**mned Thing’: ‘Men Like to Kill Each Other’

JAMAICA, NY - NOVEMBER 03: Actress/singer and founder of NYRP Bette Midler attends the ope
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Left-wing actress Bette Midler took to Twitter on Tuesday and exploded on Democrats for allegedly being “too fucking polite” to President Donald Trump, who the actress referred to as a “fascist” and “dictator.”

“Democrats haven’t learned a goddamned thing,” tweeted Midler to her 1.8 million followers on Tuesday evening. “This guy is a fascist, a dictator, and you guys have got to toughen up your game.”

“You’re too fucking polite!” added the Freak Show actress. “This is a blood sport to the GOP, and they #playdirty. Men like to kill each other! Get in the ring!!”

While Midler did not clarify what she was referencing by calling on Democrats to “get in the ring” and participate in a so-called “blood sport” with the GOP, the actress’ earlier tweets showcase her outrage over recent reports that the Justice Department (DOJ) reportedly plans to reduce its original sentencing recommendation for the president’s longtime confidant, Roger Stone.

In an additional tweet posted less than an hour before her latest meltdown, Midler accused the DOJ of “interfer[ing] with the Stone case” to favor the so-called “guilty as fuck Roger ‘Dirty Tricks’ Stone.”

Concern over Democrats being “too fucking polite” wasn’t the only thing that sent the Loose Women actress into a Twitter tirade recently.

Last week, Midler lamented House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) not ripping up her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union address into “little, teeny, tiny pieces” and throwing it back into his face.

“Too bad Nancy didn’t tear that speech into little, teeny, tiny pieces and throw that blizzard of lies right back in his face!” tweeted Midler last week, in an apparent reaction to the House Speaker ripping apart her copy of the president’s speech at the conclusion of his State of the Union address.

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