Hollywood’s President’s Day Meltdown: ‘Thinking of Michelle Obama and Her Husband Today’

David Livingston/Getty Images/Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images For March Of Dimes
David Livingston/Getty Images/Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images For March Of Dimes

Hollywood celebrities worked out their Trump Derangement Syndrome on President’s Day by mocking President Trump, paying tribute to former President Barack Obama, and lamenting the current slate of Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Left-wing stars including Kathy Griffin, Vincent D’Onofrio, Rosanna Arquette and Michael Rapaport, expressed their fervent anti-Trump sentiments on social media Monday, using the holiday to rally their fellow Democrats.

Rosanna Arquette used President’s Day to send special thoughts to former President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

Full Metal Jacket star Vincent D’Onofrio admonished the current batch of Democratic presidential candidates, writing that President Trump “will have another term because we Dems are a bunch of whining brats that make things worse4ourselves. That includes our whining brat candidates.”

The Daredevil added that that Democrats need someone to “come&straighten us all out if we want to boot potus OUT. Otherwise we’ll really have something2cry about.”

Jeffrey Wright also sent a sarcastic President’s Day greeting, directed at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Actress and Charlie’s Angels director Elizabeth Banks used the President’s Day to urge Democrats to register to vote in upcoming state primaries.

Actor-comedian Patton Oswalt replied to President Trump’s tweet by calling it “just perfectly goddamn awful.”

Billy Baldwin wished President Trump a “happy” President’s Day by calling him “King Adderall.”

Mia Farrow attempted to troll President Trump by quoting President John Adams: “May none but honest and wise Men ever rule under this roof.”

Comedian Kathy Griffin, who once staged a photograph of herself holding a mock decapitated head of President Trump, tweeted that she would not be observing President’s Day this year.

Michael Rapaport, the star of Netfllix’s Atypical, recorded a special President’s Day video in which he calls President Trump a “fucking pussy grabbing, draft dodging, Vladimir-Putin-balls-on-his-chin, lying colluding, fucking President.”

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah sent a sarcastic President’s Day greeting by recycling old footage of foreign leaders including Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and French president Emmanuel Macron making fun of President Trump behind his back.

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