Video: Chelsea Handler Says She’s ‘Hot’ For ‘Boyfriend’ Andrew Cuomo


Comedian Chelsea Handler can’t get enough of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his coronavirus press briefings, confessing in a bizarre video that she is “hot” for the 62-year-old Democrat. Handler also penned a love letter to Gov. Cuomo (D-NY) for Vogue magazine, writing perhaps jokingly that she would like to be his first lady.

The comedian posted a video mash-up of her burning Cuomo lust to Twitter on Tuesday, playfully calling the politician “my boyfriend.”

“Getting ready for my boyfriend to come on TV,” she enthused. “I’m pretty hot for Andrew Cuomo, not going to lie about that… I mean, could Andrew Cuomo be any hotter?”

Still, Handler gave a big thumbs down to the white polo shirt Gov. Cuomo wore during a recent press event that revealed the outline of his nipples.

“I don’t like where his nipples were today at all. But I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see that,” Handler said in the video.

In her Vogue article titled “Dear Andrew Cuomo, I Want To Be Your First Lady,” Handler heaped praise on the New York governor for “being a leader at a time when so many of us were desperately looking for one.”

“Thanks for reminding us, at a time when old white men are neither cool nor popular, that good men exist and that real politicians do their job by leading,” she wrote. “Thank you for talking about the unexpected benefit of spending time with your daughters and for using words like compassion and courage. Thank you for reminding us that the best politicians are, in their hearts, civil servants.”

Handler, a vehement anti-Trump activist, also bashed the president in her article. “We are living at the absolute worst time to have a president as dangerously incompetent as Donald Trump,” she wrote.

Chelsea Handler also added her voice to the groundswell pushing for Gov. Cuomo to become the Democratic nominee for president, writing in Vogue: “I’ll happily vote for Joe Biden, but I would much more happily vote for Governor Cuomo.”

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