Cher: Republicans Turn Their Heads While Trump Kills Americans

WASHINGTON - JUNE 15: Pop music star Cher (L) joins retired US Navy Medical Corps Dr. Bob Meaders while he testifies before the US House Armed Services Committee Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee about combat helmets on Capitol Hill June 15, 2006 in Washington, DC. Meaders’ grandson is currently …
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Left-wing pop icon Cher has accused Republican supporters of President Donald Trump of turning their heads for financial gain while the president “kills Americans” suffering from the Chinese coronavirus.

Posting on Twitter in her typically incoherent fashion, the 72-year-old star cited an article from Politico arguing that Trump’s decision to remove funding from the China-centric World Health Organization (WHO) actually allowed Beijing to increase its influence across United Nations agencies.

In the rant, Cher accused powerful Republicans around the president of failing to call him out for killing Americans because they are financially benefiting. A version in grammatical English is posted below:

I always knew Trump’s stupidity and cruelty could put live American lives in danger, but I didn’t think all the people around him would be accessories. Senators, heads of his agencies, American businesses, mega donors, all have their hand in the till. These people turn their heads while Trump kills Americans.

The singer has repeatedly accused Trump and his Republican allies of actively killing Americans for their own benefit. Earlier this month, the “Believe” singer suggested that Republicans were so desperate to win elections that they were even willing to kill voters in order to do so.

Cher made the comments after the Supreme Court struck down an attempt by Wisconsin’s Democratic governor Tony Evers to postpone voting in their upcoming presidential primary and local elections because of the ongoing pandemic.

Last month, she also described Trump as a “liar and a murderer” after spreading a wild conspiracy that he was holding back vital medical equipment for those infected with the coronavirus. She later deleted the tweet.

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