Rob Reiner Crams 9 Conspiracy Theories About Trump into Single Tweet

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Hollywood director Rob Reiner, a consistent and vehement opponent of President Donald Trump, decided Friday to see how many conspiracy theories about Trump he could fit into Twitter’s 280-character limit.

Reiner tweeted:

In one tweet, Reiner alleged that Trump

  • is mentally deranged – There is literally no evidence whatsoever to support this claim, which forms the basis of Democrats’ demands that Trump be removed from office under the 25th Amendment for incapacitation.
  • is a con man – Democrats cling to this claim, though Trump has never been prosecuted for any fraud or “con.”
  • colluded with an enemy – 100% false, as proven by the report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
  • stole the 2016 election – False. And even witnesses like former Director of Intelligence James Clapper, who thought evidence of “collusion” might emerge, testified under oath that Russia did not tamper with voting.
  • abused women – Trump has faced (and denied) accusations of sexual impropriety, but never of “abuse.”
  • praised Nazis – In fact, he condemned them “totally.” Reiner is repeating what is called the “fine people hoax.”
  • took babies from mothers – This refers to the policy of holding children separately from adults when they are arrested crossing the border illegally. It was begun under the Obama administration and ended by Trump.
  • decimated rule of law – In fact, Trump has restored the rule of law, obeying the courts, respecting the separation of powers, and preserving the prerogatives of the states. Barack Obama was practically a law unto himself.
  • allowed tens of thousands of Americans to die – On the contrary, Trump shut down the U.S. economy rather than allowing millions to die of coronavirus. His early travel ban on China helped slow the spread of the virus.

Reiner also directed This is Spinal Tap.

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