Pink: Trump Can Watch His Election Defeat From ‘His Baby Bunker’

DUNEDIN, NEW ZEALAND - SEPTEMBER 01: Singer Pink performs live on stage at Forsyth Barr Stadium on September 1, 2018 in Dunedin, New Zealand. (Photo by Dianne Manson/Getty Images)
Dianne Manson/Getty Images

President Donald Trump responded to the escalating riots around the country by urging “law & order.” That triggered pop star Pink, who launched into a rant calling him a “coward” and “racist” and predicting that Trump would lose the presidential election and watch the results from his “baby bunker.”

“You’re a coward and a racist and just like everything else you’ve ever attempted in your life, A COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE,” the “So What” singer said in a tweet to her 32 million Twitter followers.

“I can’t wait to vote you out in November,” she added. “Maybe you’ll see the results from your baby bunker.”

The Grammy-winning star’s remarks following days of unmitigated chaos and destruction in U.S. cities at the hands of violent rioters embracing Antifa-like tactics. Countless videos show rioters — from Santa Monica to Minneapolis to Philadelphia– attacking police officers, setting buildings ablaze, and looting businesses in their own communities.

The riots were so bad in Washington, D.C., on Friday that Secret Service rushed the president to an underground bunker in the White House, although an official denied that Trump was in serious danger.

Despite Pink’s assertions regarding the president, many of the violent riots have occurred in Democrat-controlled cities, where leadership has, largely, failed to implement law and order.

President Trump spoke to several governors during a private video conference on Monday and reportedly chastised them over the weak responses to the widespread violence.

“The only time it’s successful is when you’re weak, and most of you are weak,” Trump said.

“We have all the men and women that you need, but people aren’t calling them up you have to dominate, if you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time, they’re going to run all over you and you’re going to look like a bunch of jerks,” he continued, urging the state leaders to exercise a heavier hand on lawless rioters.

“You’ve got to arrest people, you have to track people, you have to put them in jail for 10 years and you’ll never see this stuff again,” he added.

Pink did not direct her rage toward rioters flocking to the streets, yet she did, notably, lambaste Americans last month for peacefully demanding local leaders to reopen the country amid the coronavirus shutdowns.

“Maybe we should all protest the protesters? Hand out waivers for people to sign that says if they get sick they wave their right to healthcare.then they also agree to pay hospital bills of any single person they come in contact with,” she said in part.

She did not say the same of rioters, who are demonstratively done with social distancing.


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