T.I. Demands Reparations: $44 Trillion, $1 Million for Every Black Descendant of Slaves

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 28: T.I. performs at Masters Of Ceremony 2019 at Barclays Center
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Rapper T.I. called for $44 trillion to be paid out as “reparations” to all black descendants of slaves in the United State on Tuesday’s edition of The Breakfast Club.

“This is my goal,” the Ant‑Man and the Wasp actor declared. “My goal is to get every black person in America that’s a descendant of slavery one million dollars, at least. That’ll take about 44 trillion. So that’s my goal, so I’m working up on 44 trillion.”

T.I., who has over 120 acting credits to his name and whose net worth is an estimated $50 million, echoed rapper Ice Cube’s recent call for race-based economic appropriations while urging black Americans to purchase goods and services from black-owned businesses.

Everything black people spend money on, it should be a black company that provides it,” stated T.I. “If we make up for 13 percent of this nation’s population, we should make up for 13 percent of the ownership of land. We should be representing at least 13, 14 percent on boards, financial institutions, and so on and so forth. That should be persistent or consistent throughout, but it is not.”

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Co-host Charlamagne tha God said “militias” and “white supremacists” are going “crazy.”

“You spoke about the militias and the white people going crazy,” T.I. replied. “This is only happening because they see that their position is dwindling. This is only happening because they’re becoming irate, because it’s becoming known that the hateful racist whites, their run is over. Period. Their run is over. The jig is up.”

The American Gangster actor continued:

Your children ain’t fucking with you. Your grandchildren are little brown babies, and society, nobody likes you, bro. You take that little dick energy. Nobody likes you. You’re not cool and fun and hip to be around. You got no sauce, no drip, no flavor, it’s literally food with no flavor, so it’s up….They’re seeing that their grip is loosening, and it’s our time now.


The Atlanta-based rapper has repeatedly attacked President Donald Trump. In 2018, T.I. released a rap video featuring Mrs. Trump as a nude stripper dancing on a Resolute desk in a fake Oval Office. T.I. declared the president a “madman” weeks later. In 2017, T.I. described Trump as “a poster child for white supremacy.”

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