Ice Cube: ‘We’re Gonna Hunt Every Company Down’ That’s ‘Making Money Off Our Pain’

Bob Mahoney/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Bob Mahoney/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

“We’re gonna hunt every company down [that is] making money off of our pain,” declared actor and rapper Ice Cube on Wednesday in an interview on the nationally broadcast radio show The Breakfast Club.  hosted by Charlamagne tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy.

Ice Cube’s comments were made in the context of a broader discussion of “reparations,” including his political manifesto entitled, “A Contract with Black America: Addressing Racial Inequality.” The political document described black Americans as “an oppressed people.”

“I have a bigger plan. I have something that can really change things financially for black people,” Ice Cube said. “A lot of these companies are what I call cookie jar companies. Cookie jar companies are companies where we caught your hand in the goddamn cookie jar, and we know you’ve been making money off of our pain, and you’re gonna pay for it, and we’re gonna hunt you down, and we’re gonna hunt every company down that’s been doing it unless you come up with a plan to pay for your sins.”

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Ice Cube, who has more than 200 acting, producing, and soundtrack credits, his own production company, Cube Vision, and has an estimated net worth north of $100 million, called for “reparations” across the entire U.S. economy.

“Al the banks in America only loan three percent of their money to black homeowners and small businesses,” the Ride Along star said. “Ninety-seven percent of that money goes elsewhere. Even in the government pensions, we pay our full taxes, but government still [doesn’t] use black contractors or black businesses, and still we’re underrepresented.”

Ice Cube, who also co-founded the Big3 professional basketball league, said, “VCs — venture capital investors — only invest one percent of their money in black businesses, so 99 percent of the money is going somewhere else. These things have to change. We need you know, 13.5 percent across the board.”


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