Samuel L. Jackson Screams ‘Vote, Dammit, Vote!’ in Biden Campaign Ad About Voter Suppression

Samuel L. Jackson

Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson has teamed up with the Joe Biden campaign to shoot a commercial about voter suppression, claiming that President Donald Trump is trying to prevent black people in certain areas from casting their ballots on November 3.

“Vote, dammit, vote!” the Pulp Fiction star yells in the commercial.

The campaign ad takes a historical perspective, focusing on the civil rights movement of the 60s.

“Voter suppression has taken many forms,” Jackson says in the commercial. “First, they used the poll tax to keep black folks from voting. Then it was the literacy test, racial terrorism, and violence.”

“New day, same old dirty tricks,” he adds. “If your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t try so hard to take it from you.”

Watch below:

“Vote early. Vote like your life depends on it,” Jackson concludes. ” I’m exercising my right to vote, and you should too. Not because I want you to, but because he [President Trump] doesn’t. Vote, dammit, vote!”

In the ad, Jackson implies that Republicans used literacy tests, poll taxes, and even physical violence to prevent black people from voting — all tactics imposed by pro-Jim Crow Democrats, particularly in the south.

The commercial concludes with an image of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but the photo places Harris in the foreground and Biden in the background.

Samuel L. Jackson, who has raised money for the Biden campaign, recently guest hosted ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, during which he took a swipe at President Trump, declaring “Donald Trump is dangerous for our country.”

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