TV Lawyers Plea for Real Life Lawyers to Help ‘Safeguard the Election’

YouTube/We The Action Org/Screenshot
YouTube/We The Action Org/Screenshot

A group of Hollywood actors who play or played lawyers on TV, including Paul Giamatti from Showtime’s Billions and Sam Waterston from NBC’s Law & Order, have teamed up for a video calling on real-life attorneys to help safeguard next month’s presidential election.

In a public service announcement produced by We The Action Election 2020 Task Force, figures including CBS’s The Good Fight‘s Christine Baranski, Gina Torres from USA’s Suits, and J. Smith-Cameron from HBO’s Succession, all call on experienced attorneys to ensure that “every single vote is counted fairly and accurately.”

“With the most important election of our lifetime coming up, one that we know may not be decided on election night, we need to do everything we can to make sure every single vote is counted fairly and accurately,” the television stars say in the PSA. “We need you on Election Day and we need you after November 3rd if the election has not been called yet.”

Watch below:

According to We the Action, a nonprofit organization that connects lawyers with progressive causes, they plan to pair lawyers with “some of the most influential and effective organizations protecting voting rights.”

With the stakes for this election at an all-time high, both sides are deeply concerned about preserving the integrity of the electoral process. However, the Biden campaign and its surrogates have been pushing mail-in-voting as a preferable form of voting, despite widespread evidence that it increases the risk of electoral fraud.

As a result of the increase in mail-in ballots and prolonged counts, there is also widespread concern that the process of announcing the results could be strung out, inevitably leading to numerous legal challenges and possible uncertainty about who has come out victorious.

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