‘The Matrix 4’ Actress Priyanka Chopra ‘Sincerely’ Apologizes for Promoting Skin-Lightening Creams


The Matrix 4 actress Priyanka Chopra regrets appearing in advertisements for skin-lightening cream and has apologized to her fans for doing so, saying the move was one of the great “missteps” of her career.

The actress and former Miss World winner, 38, joined the adverts for Pond’s Garnier cream and is now sorry she did. Writing in her new memoir Unfinished, Priyanka outlined her regrets, saying: “I can’t go back and change what I did, but I can apologise, and I do so sincerely.”

The actress appeared in one promotion losing her boyfriend to a lighter-skinned woman only to win him back after she starts using the lightening products.

The Baywatch star told the Guardian of the impact of the ad when she later reflected on its contents: “I felt sad, actually. I saw myself through my 13-year-old eyes when I was making concoctions in my bathroom trying to lighten my skin tone.”

Elsewhere during her interview, Priyanka touched on the issue of “cancel culture” saying “hate and negativity” have become too prevalent in the modern world. She said:

Look, we live in a world where cancel culture exists in such a large way because it’s easier to hate on someone than to take a minute to understand why anybody says and does what they do.

I’ve always been someone who believes in the goodness of human beings, but it seems as the world progresses that we’re afraid of each other and we’re only looking for the worst in each other.

As Breitbart News reported, in 2018 the actress attracted headlines when she revealed in a candid interview with InStyle magazine she lost a movie role in 2017 because of the color of her skin.

More recently she argued Meghan Markle receives negative media coverage because of “racist” attitudes toward her heritage.

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