Candace Owens ‘100% Suing’ Cardi B Over Fake Tweet Claiming Owens’ Husband Cheated On Her

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Candace Owens says she is suing rapper Cardi B for defamation following a heated exchange on Twitter, in which the rapper posted a fake tweet depicting Owens saying that her husband cheated on her with her brother.

“Just spoke with my family. I am 100% suing Cardi for that nonsense. You can’t just start throwing out wild lies against private members of my family because you’re upset someone called your out on your degenerate performance,” Owens tweeted.

Owens took to Twitter on Tuesday to tell rapper Cardi B that her performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night was “grotesque,” adding that “there’s no person in America” wishing “their daughters turn out like you.” Owens and Cardi B engaged in a heated Twitter exchange, in which the rapper shamed the conservative commentator for making her husband a sandwich.

“Matter fact I’m just going to thank Candy. She put my performance on Fox News giving it more views that boosted the views on YouTube and is counting towards my streams and sales,” Cardi B tweeted. “STREAM UP AND WAP .REMEMBER GROWN PARENTS ONLY YOU CAN MONITOR WHAT YOUR KIDS WATCH NO1 ELSE.”

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Owens reacted by clarifying that she doesn’t take issue with the rapper’s success, but rather with Cardi B “being used to encourage young women to strip themselves of dignity.”


Cardi B responded by shaming Owens for making her “white” husband a sandwich while she was nine months pregnant.

“And black women should be more like you? After all the fighting for equality and freedom they should be submissive to a white a man after years of abuse & rape making them a sandwich while pregnant cause in your words ‘that’s what a woman should do’? Interesting,” Cardi B tweeted.

“If you think making your husband a sandwich is a sin, but popping your vagina into another woman’s vagina in front of the world is power — you are a lost soul,” Owens reacted.

The Twitter exchange continued, before Cardi B eventually mentioned that Owens had previously said  she watched her in VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, and thought that the rapper had potential.

“You’re all over the place trying to make people look at anything but the issue at hand,” Owens reacted. “Your performance was grotesque. This is not about love & hip hop. This is not about my husband’s sandwich. This is about you & the vulgarity that you espouse that is ruinous to our youth.”

“Millions of young girls follow you. At your best, you are self-deprecating and humorous. At your worst, you are naked, shoving your vagina into another woman’s vagina while thrusting atop her. You were at your worst on the Grammy stage. Do better @iamcardib,” Owens concluded.

Cardi B reacted to Owens’ criticism of her by posting a fake tweet depicting Owens saying that her husband cheated on her with her brother.

“Not you talking about two women thrusting their vaginas together while your husband and brother slap cocks and balls together .WELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT !wow,” the rapper wrote, alongside the photoshopped Owens tweet.In a later response to Cardi B, Owens suggested that she may see the rapper in court for defamation.

Cardi B performed a rendition of her hit song, “Wet Ass Pussy” (WAP) on Sunday night at the Grammys alongside fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion, in which the two were seen thrusting their genitals at each other.

In 2019, Cardi B attacked the New York Police Department, telling it to “motherfucking suck a fart and suffocate on it” after the NYPD allegedly convinced a Brownsville school to cancel a giveaway hosted by her friend Star Brim. That same year, Cardi B expressed her admiration for Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) for president, claiming, “I’m really sad how we let him down in 2016.” 

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