Cardi B to NYPD: ‘F*ck You’ ‘Suck a Fart and Suffocate On It’ (Video)

American rapper Cardi B performs during the Roskilde Festival on July 4, 2019 in Roskilde,

Rap superstar Cardi B went on a foul-mouthed rant Tuesday, telling the New York Police Department to “motherfucking suck a fart and suffocate on it” after it allegedly convinced a Brownsville school to cancel a giveaway hosted by her friend Star Brim.

“I find that shit so fucked up by the NYPD … it’s like this is really for the kids; Shorty was really coming out her pockets, just to help the community, and it was for kids to have a fun, positive day,” the “I Like It” rapper said in the video, adding that the drive would have benefited parents with school supplies and “many more things.”

“I just find that shit so fucked up,” she said. “And fuck you and motherfucking suck a fart and suffocate on it. Fuck you!”

The rant was spurred by the cancelation of Star Brim’s drive. Cardi B claimed that the “NYPD called the school principal … and practically scared off the principal and shit and now the shit got shut down.”

According to Page Six, NYPD did not immediately comment on the video.

This is not the first time the Grammy-winner has posted a foul-mouthed rant, particularly aimed toward police officers.

Cardi B went on a wild tirade in a video posted to social media last month, claiming that police officers in America will believe they can “get away with” killing and beating black men as long as President Trump remains in office.

“I feel like police brutality is going to keep going until he’s [no longer] president. Until he’s [no longer] president, nothing is going to be done about police brutality,” she proclaimed.

“That’s what the cops are going to be doing,” the rapper continued. “‘Oh I can get away with killing a black man? I can get away with beating the shit out of a black man?’ Then we’re going to keep doing it.’ That’s cops. [They think] I can get away with beating a black man, killing a black man. Then why not me?’”

The “Please Me” artist recently interviewed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and mentioned her growing concerns regarding “police brutality.” However, she made sure to point out that she and Sanders are not trying to “attack the police,” despite her previous rants attacking police.

“Because let me tell you something, there was this one time that I started to feel like I hate the police, they’re pigs,” Cardi B told Sanders.


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