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Pelosi Talks to Trump

Resistance Gloats After ‘Art of the Cave’: Pelosi ‘Dog Walked’ Trump

Though House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) did not spike the football on Friday after President Donald Trump agreed to re-open the government on her terms, Resistance activists gloated, mocking Trump for the “art of the cave” and declaring that Pelosi “dog walked” Trump.

Did She Say That - Sonnie Johnson

Sonnie Johnson: How 9/11 Shaped Me and My Generation

Sonnie opens up about how 9/11 increased her awareness on foreign and domestic issues and encouraged an entire generation of men to dedicate their lives to the protection of the nation. 


PHOTOS: Best and Worst Dressed from MTV Video Music Awards

Monday’s MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) red carpet celebrity fashion showcase was some of the worst awards show fashion this year, from Madonna’s tribal disaster to Nicki Minaj’s tacky bathing suit gown.