Seth Rogen Says He Has No Current Plans to Work With Frequent Collaborator James Franco Following Multiple Misconduct Allegations

Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures

Actor Seth Rogen said he has no current plans to work with frequent collaborator James Franco following resurfaced allegations of misconduct brought by several women starting in 2018, as well as new accusations of bribery from comedian Charlyne Yi.

Seth Rogen spoke to Britain’s The Sunday Times about his relationship with James Franco in light of the allegations.

“I also look back to that interview in 2018 where I comment that I would keep working with James,” Rogen told The Times, according to multiple reports. “And the truth is that I have not and I do not plan to right now.”

Rogen also said the accusations have changed his friendship with Franco.“I don’t know if I can define that right now during this interview. I can say it, um, you know, it has changed many things in our relationship and our dynamic.”

He added:

“What I can say is that I despise abuse and harassment and I would never cover or conceal the actions of someone doing it, or knowingly put someone in a situation where they were around someone like that. However, I do look back at a joke I made on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 2014 and I very much regret making that joke. It was a terrible joke, honestly.”

Rogen has collaborated with Franco on several movies including The Disaster Artist, The Interview, Pineapple Express, and This Is the End. They first appeared together on the Judd Apatow sitcom Freaks and Geeks. (Apatow also produced Pineapple Express.)

Rogen and Franco also collaborated on a parody music video of Kanye West’s “Bound 2.”

In April, Charlyne Yi called out James Franco and Seth Rogen over their behavior during the making of the 2017 movie The Disaster Artist, claiming the production attempted to “bribe” her after she tried to quit the movie in protest over Franco’s alleged acts of sexual misconduct.

In 2018, several women came forward accusing Franco of behaving inappropriately in his acting classes. Franco denied the accusations. Two former students sued Franco two years later, but the suit was reportedly settled out of court.

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