Nolte: Report Says Harrison Ford’s Injury Will Delay ‘Indy 5’ Filming for Three Months

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“Filming on the new ‘Indiana Jones’ movie has been pushed back three months as a result of Harrison Ford’s shoulder injury,” reports the St. Louis Dispatch.

After a year’s worth of Wuhan Flu delays, filming finally began on director James Mangold’s Indiana Jones 5 in the U.K. last month. Due to a shoulder injury the movie’s star received while rehearsing a fight scene last week, production will reportedly shut down for at least three months, until some time in September.

The New York Post reports that Ford will be out the three months due to surgery and what we can assume will be a lengthy rehabilitation. This is after we were told the injury was not so bad and that the production could shoot around Ford until he was back in fighting shape.

Well, you can’t shoot around your star for three months.

“The film’s bosses have come together to work out the scheduling and it’s chaos,” a source told the Sun newspaper. “The earliest they think they can restart the production is September. It was not what anyone was expecting so to have to change everything is a huge blow.”

God bless Harrison Ford. I hope he lives forever, recovers 100 percent, and makes another 20 Indiana Jones movies. But hope and a dollar will leave you with a dollar.

Ford is in fantastic shape for a man any age, much less someone who’s only 13 months from turning 80. Still, no amount of time in the weight room, no diet, no special training can turn back the hands of time to a point where a 79-year-old man can deal with the physicality involved in a big-budget action movie.

No matter how good of shape you’re in, your bones and muscle tissue become more fragile, and you slooowwww down.

We all want to see Ford knock this one out of the park, if for no other reason than to wash the awful taste of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull out of our mouths. But putting a pushing-80 human being into a big studio action movie is nuts.

Indiana Jones 5 is currently scheduled for a July 29, 2022 release. If Ford is back on the set in September, the goal will probably be to finish shooting before the holidays. That only leaves about six months of post-production, a  pretty tight schedule for a $200 million movie full of computer effects.

One source told the Sun, “It is Harrison’s last outing as Indiana, and everyone thought it would be plain sailing.

These people live on their own planet. I don’t know of anyone who thought this was a good idea, much less “plain sailing.”


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