Screen Legend Carroll Baker Slams #MeToo, Says ‘It’s a Sin’ Bill Cosby Was Jailed

ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND EDITIONS, SEPT. 26-28--Actress Carroll Baker poses for a photo at her apartment Aug. 27, 1997, in Los Angeles. Baker, the classy blonde in the films "Giant" and "Baby Doll," has a new role at age 66 in the Michael Douglas-Sean Penn thriller "The Game." (AP Photo/ Damian …
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Hollywood screen legend Carroll Baker has weighed into the Bill Cosby saga, asking just why his accusers might have sought his company in the first place and said she “hates” how women “come back from years before and they ruin a man’s career.”

Baker offered up her thoughts on the #MeToo movement and Cosby a day prior to the his release from prison on overturned sexual assault charges when she sat down for an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

“My heart is broken for Bill Cosby,” the Baby Doll star said on the publication’s The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast. “Bill Cosby did not deserve, at his age and in the condition he’s in. … He’s a wonderful human being, absolutely wonderful, and I can’t bear the fact that he’s in prison. I don’t think it was his fault.”

Actress Carroll Baker poses in a bathing suit on the waterfront, USA, circa 1956. (Archive Photos/Getty Images)

American actress Carroll Baker dressed as actress Jean Harlow upon her arrival at Southampton on the liner ‘Queen Mary’, 20th October 1964. She will star as the titular sex symbol in the upcoming biopic ‘Harlow’. She is in the UK to attend the premiere of the film ‘The Carpetbaggers’, in which she stars. (Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

As Breitbart News reported, Cosby, 83, had his conviction overturned last week and was released from state prison after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court threw out his sexual assault conviction because prosecutors violated his due process rights.

In 2018, he was sentenced to prison for three to 10 years for assaulting Andrea Constand. Sixty women accused the disgraced Cosby Show star of sexual assault, typically after they were drugged. (Cosby admitted to giving women drugs, but maintained sex acts that followed were consensual).

The 90-year-old actress put the onus back on the women who sought his company on a one-to-one basis.

“Why would you go into a secluded place with a man? To play pinochle?”Baker exclaimed. “I’m sure they were all entranced with him. I have a feeling that that drink was just an aphrodisiac and he did not force them to take it, he just offered it to them. And I think it’s a sin he’s in jail.”

Baker took umbrage with those coming forward with sexual assault allegations many years after the events took place.

“I hate the fact that these women do this,” she said. “That they come back from years before and they ruin a man’s career.”

Baker then observed she would never have let herself be put into a place where she was likely to be threatened by any man.

“What the hell do you let a man do that to you for? I wouldn’t let a man do that to me,” Baker said. “If he made any pass at me, I would tell him how ugly and disgusting and filthy he was, and get away from me and I hate you, and I’d hit him if I could. We’re not in the 18th century where we were wearing hoopskirts.”

She also offered some words of advice based on her many years in Hollywood: “Women, stick up for yourself and stop playing like you’re such a little girl!”

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