Lucy Liu Recalls Spat with Bill Murray on ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Set: ‘If You Confront Me, I will Attack,’ ‘I Don’t Regret it’

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Columbia Pictures

Actress Lucy Liu detailed a war of words between her and co-star Bill Murray on the set of the 2000 action film Charlie’s Angels. Liu claims Murray hurled “insults” at her. While Liu did not clarify what the insults were, the actress said, “I stood up for myself, and I don’t regret it.”

Liu explained on a recent episode of the Asian Enough podcast that there was a weekend during the filming of Charlie’s Angels when Murray was absent, and he returned to the set to find out that the cast and crew had reworked a scene while he was gone. He allegedly reacted by insulting Liu, specifically.

“As we’re doing the scene, Bill starts to hurl insults, and I won’t get into the specifics, but it kept going on and on, and I was like, ‘Wait, it seems like he’s looking straight at me,'” Liu recalled. “And I couldn’t believe that it could be towards me. I literally do the look around my shoulder thing, like, who’s he talking to behind me?”

Liu said she asked Murray if he was talking to her, after which his insults evolved into a one-on-one confrontation between the two of them.

“If you confront me, I will attack. And that’s exactly what happened, because it was unjust, and it was uncalled for, and it was some of the language was inexcusable and unacceptable, and I was not going to just sit there and take it,” the actress said.

“So yes, I stood up for myself, and I don’t regret it,” she added.

Liu also suggested she found it confusing that Murray had decided to single her out, because when it came to decisions made on set, she wasn’t involved in “anything majorly important at that time.”

The actress explained that she while she wished she was more involved with reworking the scene, she believed she had “the least amount of privilege.”

“And I wish I had more to do with it, but I didn’t because I was the last one cast, and I probably had the least amount of privilege in terms of creatively participating at that time,” Liu said.

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