Classic 80s Hit ‘It’s Raining Men’ Gets Woke Trans Video Makeover: ‘It’s Raining Them’

The Weather Girls 1983. Credit: 3774608Globe Photos/MediaPunch /IPX
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It’s no longer “raining men” as The Weather Girls’ hit 1982 song “It’s Raining Men” was given a woke makeover by transgender singer Mila Jam, who remixed and renamed the chart-topping tune “It’s Raining Them.”

With the blessing of the song’s writer, Paul Shaffer, the classic tune has been updated to change “men” to “them,” reports Daily Mail.

“‘Cause tonight, boy, for the first time, at just about half past ten, for the first time, in history, it’s gonna start raining them,” Jam sings, before segueing into the chorus, which is now, “It’s raining them! Hallelujah! It’s raining them! Amen!”

And that’s not all that has changed. The classic line, “Tall, blonde, dark, and lean, rough and tough and strong and mean,” has been changed to, “Cool, bold, strong and keen, proud and loud and here and seen.”

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“Mother Nature” has also been given a pronoun change in the song, being referred to as “they” instead of “she.” And instead of having “took off to heaven,” Mother Nature now “took on the heavens,” according to the woke remake.

The line, “God bless Mother Nature, she’s a single woman, too. She took off to heaven and she did what she had to do,” has been changed to, “God bless Mother Nature, they’re a single person, too. They took on to heavens, and they did what they had to do.”

“They taught every angel to rearrange the sky, so that each and every person could find their perfect type,” the altered lyrics continue.

The 1982 anthem was nominated for a Grammy award in 1983, was the number one dance song in America, and was named one of VH1’s greatest songs of the 2000s.

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Jam says that it is “an honor to perform It’s Raining Them,” according to Daily Mail. “For all artists in the LGBTQ+ community I believe the future is ours, it’s now, and we must shine,” the transgender singer added. “We’ve always been here, we aren’t going anywhere and we must continue to dance.”

The streaming service Deezer, which conceived the new track, reportedly worked alongside the pro-transgender charity Gendered Intelligence to ensure the song’s new lyrics were inclusive.

Deezer will also be donating all of its streaming revenue from the song to Gendered Intelligence for one year.

“Raising awareness of non-binary identities is so important. More and more people are recognizing how vital it is to respect other people’s pronouns, including those who use ‘they/them,'” said Jay Stewart, the chief executive of Gendered Intelligence. “It’s important that pop culture continuously evolves to encompass gender diversity and works hard to make everyone feel included and seen.”

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