Transgender Netflix Rally Leader Targets Dave Chappelle with Racist Taunt: ‘I’m Here to Talk to His Master’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 20: Stand Up in Solidarity rally organizer Ashlee Marie
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The organizer of the rally in support of the transgender Netflix employees has targeted comedian Dave Chappelle with a racist taunt, demanding to talk to “his master” Wednesday outside Netflix offices in Hollywood.

Ashlee Marie Preston, who is a male-to-female transgender and apparently not a Netflix employee, lashed out at Chappelle while talking to reporters.

“He’s clearly sold himself and since he can’t do the right thing, I’m here to talk to his master today and those are the people who sign the paycheck,” Preston said. The word “master” is regarded as offensive when used in conjunction with a black person due to its connotations of slavery.

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Ashlee Marie Preston, who is also black, has a history of making inflammatory statements aimed at her ideological foes. Preston infamously confronted fellow transgender Caitlyn Jenner at an event for the Trans Chorus of L.A. over Jenner’s support of then-President Donald Trump.

A video showing Preston calling Jenner a “fucking fraud” went viral, resulting in Preston’s resignation from the choral group.

Preston organized Wednesday’s “Stand-Up” In Solidarity rally, which supported the transgender Netflix employee walkout over Dave Chappelle’s comedy special The Closer. The transgender activist accused Netflix of participating in a “hate” economy.

“We’re up against a new emergence of a hate economy,” Preston said, according to Insider.. “Algorithmic science distorts the way we perceive ourselves … and I think Netflix, Facebook, Instagram play into it.”

Another trans activist named “Neverending Nina” addressed the crowd gathered outside Netflix offices in Hollywood, accusing the streamer enabling “harm” to transgenders.

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On Wednesday, transgender activists clashed with supporters of Dave Chappelle, destroying pro-Chappelle signs in a fit of rage.

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Some Hollywood stars showed support for the protest.

As Breitbart News reported, the activists are demanding Netflix create more transgender and “non-binary” shows and hire more trans individuals in senior-level positions. They are also ordering Netflix to put trigger warnings on content they deem to be transphobic or “hate speech.”

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