Billy Porter Melts Down over Laws Protecting Children from Transgender Ideology, Drag Queens: ‘We’re Already in a Civil War’

Billy Porter
Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

Hollywood star Billy Porter experienced an on-air meltdown during his appearance Tuesday on ABC’s The View when he was asked about laws in various states protecting children from transgender ideology and drag queens. “We’re already in a civil war,” he said as part of his unhinged, free-associative rant.

The episode also featured Porter and Whoopi Goldberg using the left’s latest PR euphemism for drag queens — “cabaret people.”

Billy Porter, who frequently dresses in drag for Hollywood awards shows, gradually lost his temper after Joy Behar declared “there’s this war against trans people.”

“And the LGBTQ+ people, and people who are othered,” Porter replied.

Goldberg added, “And cabaret people,” referring to drag queens.

“And cabaret people! It’s a circle of life.” Porter echoed.

Porter became increasingly upset, declaring that legislation aiming to block raunchy and sexually explicit material from children is all about “money” and “power.” He also called the laws “very hypocritical,” citing the oft-repeated but misleading CDC statistic for 2020 claiming guns are the top cause of death among children.

As Breitbart News reported, the CDC statistic is misleading because it includes cause-of-death data for 18- and 19-year-olds in addition to minors. Without the 18 and 19-year-old data, the number of firearm-related deaths for children aged 0-17 was 2,281 in 2020, while the number of motor vehicle deaths for the same ages was 2,503.

“The leading cause of death in children are guns!!! They’re guns!” Porter screamed. “Not drag queens! Leave us alone!”

Porter then bizarrely jumped topics to Roe v. Wade and the unequal application of the law.

He concluded: “We’re already in a civil war, y’all. It’s a civil war of the mind! They’re messing with out minds! We’re already in it!”

Billy Porter currently has voice role in the Disney+ animated kids series The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, which is pushing reparations for slavery, claiming in a recent episode that America was founded on “white supremacy” and “still has not atoned” for its racism.

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