Kathy Griffin Unhinged: ‘F*ck Valentine’s Day and F*ck All of You’

Watch: Kathy Griffin New York Comedy Show Crashed by Trump Fan Caravan
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Comedian Kathy Griffin took to social media to post an unhinged message on Wednesday, reminding the public that she is getting a divorce, adding, “Fuck Valentine’s Day and fuck all of you.”

“I’m getting divorced. Fuck Valentine’s Day and fuck all of you. Did I say that?” Griffin wrote in a Valentine’s Day X/Twitter post.

“Thank God I have three shows this weekend,” the comedian added. “I’m going to make every member of the audience my personal Valentine regardless of sexual orientation.”

Last month, Griffin was begging fans to buy tickets to her comedy tour, saying tickets are “not selling well.” The former Squatty Potty spokeswoman also hinted that her comedy tour would include jokes about former President Donald Trump.

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Griffin, who filed for divorce from her husband, Randy Bick, in December, revealed over the summer that she had gotten her lips tattooed, which left her friends stunned by her “swollen” appearance.

The comedian has also been complaining about suffering from PTSD due to the massive public backlash she received after she was photographed with a replica of the bloody severed head of then-President Donald Trump.

In November, Griffin said she meows like a cat and moos like a cow during yoga in order to deal with her Trump-induced PTSD.

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