Kathy Griffin Gets Her Lips Tattooed, Shares Swollen ‘Before’ Picture

Kathy Griffin

Comedian Kathy Griffin got her lips tattooed, leaving her friends stunned by her “swollen” appearance.

“I’m getting my lips tattooed, but they call it blushing,” Griffin said as she headed to her appointment, in a YouTube video titled “I GOT MY LIPS TATTOOED!”

Watch Below:

Once her “blushing” appointment was over, Griffin was filmed showing off her new look to her husband and friends, who all appeared shocked over the results — shocked, in a bad way.

“I’m back from getting my lips tattooed,” the 62-year-old comedian said to her husband, marketing executive Randy Bick, who visibly jumped in his chair, proclaiming, “Shit!” upon seeing Griffin’s tattooed face.

Bick then began laughing, at which point Griffin explained, “It’s a little swollen.”

The video then cut to another clip in which Griffin revealed her tattooed lips to her friend, actress Kristen Johnston.

“I got my lips tattooed last night. I’m fucked. Look at me,” Griffin said, to which a seemingly shocked Johnston responded by saying, “What did you do? That’s not real.”

“Well, Kristen thinks it’s noticeable. But we’re gonna go to the Fourth of July parade. I don’t think anybody will be able to tell,” Griffin then said to the camera in the next clip, showcasing the aftermath of her lip tattoo appointment.

While the comedian’s lips looked very puffy and bright, Griffin also shared a photo taken “4 to 6 days later,” which showed her lips looking less swollen.

Earlier this month, Griffin shared a photoshopped image of prosecutor Jack Smith holding a severed head of former President Donald Trump, playing into some 2017 nostalgia from the time she infamously posted a graphic photo of herself holding what appeared to be the 45th president’s bloodied head.

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