Judge Judy Blasts ‘Ridiculous’ Liberal Policies Causing America’s Out-of-Control Crime

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 13: Judge Judy Sheindlin attends the 2017 Forbes Women's Summit a
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Court TV icon Judge Judy Sheindlin is decrying how America’s out-of-control crime rate is “ruining” our great cities and ripping the left-wing policies causing it all.

Sheindlin recently told Fox News that Soros-supported, left-wing prosecutors at at the center of the problem and that these people would be better employed “filling ice-cream cones” than working in a prosecutor’s office.

The former judge, most famous for her long-running Judge Judy reality TV show, slammed American society for its turn toward making excuses for bad behavior.

“Oh, I know how we got here,” she said. “When society started to make excuses for bad behavior, and react to criminality based upon the excuses, it fell apart.”

Sheindlin added that is has long been known what circumstances can most easily lead to creating a criminal.

“You know there is always a reason for criminal behavior – didn’t have a good upbringing, didn’t have two parents in the house, didn’t have one parent in the house,” she explained. “There’s always a reason. You’re mentally ill. That’s a reason. You took drugs, that’s a reason. You took alcohol, your brain is fried… Whatever it is.”

However, she added, “there is never an excuse for bad behavior.” And that is when it “fell apart,” she said.

“You’re just as dead as somebody 18 kills you, or 17,” Sheindlin continued. “You’re just as dead. And if you’re 17 years old and kill somebody, you don’t belong with kids who are 12, in a juvenile facility… But a very small group of people pushed through in New York State, for instance, raising the level of criminal responsibility.”

New York raised the age for criminal responsibility to 18 back in 2019, Fox News added. But Sheindlin disagrees with that concept.

“Well, that’s ridiculous,” Sheindlin insisted. “If you have family, if you have a mother who’s 65 years old who’s walking to the grocery store and some crazy for no reason hits her over the head with a steel pipe and kills her, and they’re 17, that person should never be allowed to walk the street again, because society can’t take a chance.”

Sheindlin also pinned a lot of the blame for America’s crime problems on liberal prosecutors who won’t prosecute anyone.

“When you have district attorneys who are charged, whose job it is to do justice, but to keep the community safe … When you have elected district attorneys who don’t know what their job is, they should go find another job,” she railed. “Fill ice cream cones someplace. But don’t ruin cities. And what’s happened around New York City, Portland, San Francisco, you had district attorneys who didn’t know what their job was. And the cities are ruined, people are leaving.”

“I think we better get smarter before we get lost,” she added. “Permanently lost.”

After ending her original Judge Judy show after 25 years, Sheindlin moved on to another series entitled Judy Justice, which is streaming on Amazon Freeverse.

While Judge Judy says she has faith in America, she also warned that if we don’t go back to treating criminals like they are criminals, things will get worse.

Referencing an interview she did with Morley Safer on 60 Minutes back in 1993, when she warned that things could get worse in America, she told Fox News, “And here we are, 30 years later, and are we in a worse shape as a country, as a world, than we were in 1993? You bet your bottom we are.”

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